Introducing Solana FM

Introducing Solana FM

Welcome to Nozomi's development blog! This blog will be used to provide the latest developments and implementations in the infrastructure, and provide everything else that has something to do with Nozomi.

How it all started

In April 16, Dom from Solana posted a request on the Discord server, seeking for teams that are interested in picking up this project. Since our team had 2 years of developmental and infrastructural experience in the big data space, we decided that it is a great plan to increase focus and reduce distractions by focusing on building big data technologies on blockchains.

Dom looking for teams to build an indexer.

Anyone building an application that connects to blockchain data requires consistent, reliable and complete access to reliable blockchain infrastructure. Developing and managing resilient, decentralised node infrastructure is not easy, particularly at scale. Significant swings in usage and constantly changing network requirements can add to this burden.

Solana FM offers high throughput, high availability, and dedicated infrastructure with enterprise-grade security; allowing you to:

  • Easily connect to Solana's on-chain data
  • Scale infrastructure
  • Adopt advanced development through data querying

Introducing the Frequency Modulation Programme

To better cater to the needs for the Solana ecosystem, we are intending to provide early-access indexing services through the Frequency Modulation Programme (FMP). This enables our team to develop, iterate and evolve the indexing engine for greater stability, consistency and scalability through proactive feedback and active metrics.

Infrastructure for Solana FM beta.
The potential ecosystem.

Summer timeline

Throughout summer, we are focused on providing complete instruction data support. Out of the many active native programs on-chain, Solana FM currently supports most of Solana's native instructions, and Serum Market. As instructions are unique to each program, our team would have to meticulously implement adaptations of the program to provide indexing availability.

If you have any questions or wish to build on top of Nozomi's infrastructure, please feel free to reach out to us at We are actively looking for teams and individuals who are inspired to create the data space for blockchains!

Stay tuned for FMP!